Your website is just like your company, it cannot be managed by only one person. Our team of experts can help your website in many fields.

Save Money!

By having Onixion team design, create, host and maintain your website you won't have to spend dozen thousands of dollars a month creating your own team, renting additional space, buying tools and much more.

Save Time!

Imagine how frustrated and time consuming it can be to create your own team who can maintain your company website. But even after you find them, you need to spend time constantly checking if everything is completed as requested. With us, you will save all that time and spend it on management of your company.

Stay Secured!

Having us code, host and maintain your website, you will be protected with advanced technologies 24/7 making sure you and your customer's data stay secured and protected from hackers and other kind of attacks.

Web Design

In today's competitive web world, there are a huge number of ever-evolving web design languages, content management systems and user experience standards. Our team of web design experts will help you choose the right one for your company or brand making sure it follows all latest trends and standards. Whether you need a website to offer information's about your products, a simple landing page or full e-commerce solution, Onixion can offer you the expertise that will exceed your expectations.

One page websites, micro-sites, landing pages, mobile sites, e-commerce sites and online stores, booking engines, sign-up pages... In the past few years we have created stunning and fully responsive designs that will suite every possible need.

Graphic Design

Looking for a way to increase your profit? There is no better way than making sure your business is branded professionally either through logo, banners, flyers, sales letters or any other graphic element. Your digital identity needs to reflect your company's core values, credibility and personality. Once we collect all necessary information's about your business we will use them in order to inspire design that will capture all that your company is about.

We are not talking only about your logo (which is one of the core elements), but a huge number of other materials, such as website design, business cards, flyers, catalogues, brochures, posters, postcards t-shirts, letterhead & envelopes, illustrations, etc...

Web Development

Looking at our website you will notice that is incredibly attractive, fast loading and conversion focused, but behind all of that it is extremely well coded, engineered and optimized. Onixion development team can seamlessly code and integrate everything from small website to simple CMS and large-scale online stores with shopping carts. We have also created custom-built solutions when no other third-party apps on the market can offer what you are asking for.

We are experts in many CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Opencart and few others. We work with PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL and frameworks such as Bootstrap and Laravel. If you require other working environments, let us know and we can discuss more about it.

Mobile Development

We are able to develop native iOS and Android apps, UI and UX designs for startups, entrepreneurs, and agencies. Our mobile development strategy begins with conversation and discovery of your brand that later evolve into strong plans. This allows us to guide you clients into making the right decision and development of apps that will be useful for your customers.

The UI and UX design is crucial to a successful application. We will carefully listen to your objectives, brand guidelines and target audience to create the perfect design and layout for your app that also closely reflects your website design.

Having your own app is one of best way to constantly stay connected with your customers, let them know about latest products, updates, price drops and much more.

Social Marketing

Starting the right topic or saying the right thing in order to engage people online and build a community is not easy task. We will show you how to use your social media accounts such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many others to structure your activity for best promotional impact, but also giving you the various tools that will make this process more efficient and less painful to maintain. We will help you spark conversation between users and similar brands that will help you build deeper relationship and expand your brand awareness. We have worked with various industries so we know how social marketing works with different target markets.

Don't wait any longer and feel the full power of social marketing. Let your customers do your advertisement and spread the word about your brand and products!

Search Engine Optimization

The web is an unavoidable marketing tool nowadays and no matter if your business is strictly internet-based or not, it must keep up with new trends and you must have a cutting edge website that is SEO friendly. We believe in SEO that matters in the long run and which will never work negatively for your website rankings.

Getting ranked on Google or other search engines requires an attention to hundreds of ranking factors and incredible amounts of dedicated research and analysis. Our team is made of experts who have all bells and whistles to get your website ranked and smash your competition in front of you. The only question is, are you ready to handle all those customers?

More services that we can offer

Chat System Integration

Get a professional live chat for your website that was specifically designed to increase your online sales. Once installed you can expect up to 5 times more conversion and 2 times increase in average order value.

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SSL Certification

Get SSL certificates that give you the strongest encryption and provide value and cost saving features to ensure your website stays protected and meets the demands of today's modern websites.

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YellowPages Listing

Need Cloud Storage solution for yourself or your company? We can offer you one of best cloud storage online with ability to sync all your files across your computers and devices, mobile access, share files and keep them always protected.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Our fast, reliable and affordable Linux web hosting is packed with all features you need to keep your online business running without any problems. There is no need for you to be a computer geek because our support team will help you choose the best hosting plan.

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Domain Registration

When you are buying domain name, you are also buying your online property, strong branding potential and ability to attract more traffic to your website. We will help you search, buy, register and host your company domain name.

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Data Entry

We can take care hard-copy information from forms, customer cards, print media, and more. We’re available for both long- and short-term data entry projects.

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Logistics Data Proccessing

We check and handle all your documents neutrally, and confidentiality is guaranteed. Count on us as your remote, highly flexible back office.

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Web Research

A good database is essential for businesses. Our teams can do product and customer information search on websites, clean up or create your mailing lists, complement and optimize your sales pipeline and much more.

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Need something else?

You need something else for your website but we didn't include the service above? No problem, contact us today with all necessary details and one of our support team members will gladly answer any questions and let you know if we are able to provide that kind of service.

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